webpack as part of the workflow in Questback R&D Nordic

By Arne Hassel, November 2015

How it was

  • Separate systems for including JS-files
  • A lot of things to remember when creating new applications
  • No good way of using features in ES2015
  • Not possible to utilize TypeScript easily
  • Need to specify where lib-files reside

How it should be

  • Only changes in configuration should separate how different versions include their JS-files
  • Easy to include new files and features
  • Easy to test

Why webpack

  • Pros
    • Easy to set up and extend
    • Beloved by community
    • Has plugins for functionality we need now or are going to need (Optimization for distribution, ES2015, TypeScript)
  • Cons
    • Documentation is not top-notch (but mostly good enough)
    • A five-man endeavor, no support by any big corporations
  • Worst case scenario
    • Need to migrate to another tool; should not be too difficult (depends on why we need to migrate)


Thank you for your attention